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Deciding To Get An MBA

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<p>Michael Holland is currently a Director at Oberon Media, one of the world's leading casual games solution provider.</p> <p>Prior to his position at Oberon, Mike was the founder of OpenWonder. OpenWonder is focused on developing and planning specialized web services and is specifically targeting the area of diversity within large corporations.</p> <p>Prior to founding OpenWonder. Hollard worked at DirectAdvice, a subsidiary of Mellon Financial. Before that role, Holland was a project manager at Infonautics. Infonautics was an operator of specialized information Web sites and tools that was acquired in 2001 by Tucows. Tucows is a Toronto-based provider of wholesale digital products to Internet service providers and Web-hosting companies. In addition, Holland attempted several dot com startups while an undergraduate student. </p> <p>Michael Holland received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his MBA From Duke University.</p>

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