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Over 17,000 video clips on business, leadership and entrepreneurship from experts and leaders. Expand your personal knowledge base or sublicense videos to share with your organization or clients. Subscribers can view all videos in their entirety and have access to read full video transcripts. Enjoy several sample videos below.

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The Prendismo Collection has robust search functionality that makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Video search results include full-text title and transcript searching. All search queries return relevant results in each search category (videos, people, topics, etc.) and there is navigation at the top of the search results making it easy to quickly jump between search result types.

Search is available throughout the entire website via the top navigation. You can also search from the Explore pages that have related search categories (people, organizations and topics). Start your search now and jump into the Prendismo Collection.

Over 17,000 2-minute videos from experts and leaders

We value your time as much as you do. While the Prendismo Collection features full interviews, lectures and panel discussions, we provide them in easy to consume video clips that average approximately two minutes each. Utilizing our full transcript searching, you can find exactly what you need and watch just that video clip saving yourself time searching through and/or watching the full video.

This approach also makes it easier to consume the full interview, lecture, panel, etc. Only have 15 minutes? Watch the first 5-6 video clips of an interview and come back to it when you have more time. We also provide a full screen player to watch entire interviews, lectures, panels, as well as user-curated playlists.

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200+ topics on business, leadership and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and leadership goes beyond the board room, conference room and classroom. To foster innovation and personal development, it is important that insights be shared efficiently and with the personal insight that is highly impactful. Prendismo has curated the extensive insights from entrepreneurs and leaders at varying stages of their careers. As a video collection, the insights are shared with a personal value that goes beyond traditionally scripted forums. By organizing the content into topics, subscribers can efficiently access insights from a variety of speakers that may come from a variety of industries.

Whether insights are related to fundamental business concepts, or related to personal career development questions, the Prendismo Collection breaks down key insights into roughly two 2 minute video clips. These clips are organized in a way to ease your viewing by market, industry, or concepts that span across many markets and industries. In addition, interviews, lectures and panel discussion are available for viewing in their entirety.

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Subscriptions for individuals, schools, universities, organizations and corporations

To realize the most benefits from the Prendismo Collection, subscriptions are available for individuals, schools, universities, organizations, and corporations. Subscriptions provide unlimited viewing access of the Collection with the benefits of search, transcripts, and meta data which are a part of the application. In addition, as a subscriber you can bookmark clips, create playlists, and engage in conversations with other subscribers on the insights being offered from within the Collection.

Visit our pricing page for details on individual subscriptions and contact information concerning pricing programs available campus wide access which offers benefits to larger organizations such as universities and corporations.

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