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Deciding To Get An MBA

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<p>Bill Weidlein has been with Trans National Group since 1987. In his current role as Vice Chairman, Weidlein has Board level responsibility for overseeing TNG's four majority owned operating affiliates, as well as the Company's Real Estate and Investment activities. Included within the operating affiliates are TNT Vacations (tntvacations.com), Trans National Communications International (tncii.com), Trans National Marketing (tnmarketing.com), and LiveBridge (livebridge.com).</p> <p>Prior to his current position, Weidlein has served TNG in the roles of Group CFO; President, International; and Executive Vice-President, Trans National Financial Services (US). During his 17 years with TNG, Weidlein has been directly involved in the founding of ten companies in the affinity marketing industry, including four international ventures. Before joining Trans National, Weidlein worked at Bain & Company in Boston for five years, where he specialized in Consumer Financial Services and Information Industry clients. While at Bain, Weidlein led the consulting team for MBNA which identified the affinity credit card marketing opportunity and developed the five year business plan for MBNA's, and TNG's, rise to leadership in that market segment. Prior to receiving his MBA, Weidlein spent four years with Rohm and Haas Company in Philadelphia in Development Engineering and M&A.</p> <p>Bill Weidlein holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA, with distinction, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.</p>

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