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Greg Van Kirk Discusses Impact of Being Able To Offer A Basket Of Goods Versus A Single Good

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Greg Van Kirk

  • Founder, Social Entrepreneur Corps
  • male
  • Caucasian
  • 1969 (Age: 52 years old)
  • Greg Van Kirk - Interview - Social Entrepreneur Corps
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Greg Van Kirk is an Ashoka Lemelson Fellow and the-co founder of The New Development Solutions Group. This includes Community Enterprise Solutions, Social Entrepreneur Corps and NDS Consulting. These are all ventures whose mission is to design and implement innovative responses to long-standing development challenges.

Greg also works part time as "Social Entrepreneur in Residence" at NYU. He and his team are now focused on expanding the reach of their innovative "MicroConsignment Model" globally.

Greg began working in rural small business development as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2001. He has served as an economic development consultant for organizations such as USAID, Chemonics, Columbia University, Vision Spring, Soros Foundation, Church World Serv