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Tim Chi Discusses Importance Of Creating And Maintaining Good Company Culture

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  • Date Added : 11/4/2016
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Tim Chi

  • Founder, WeddingWire
  • male
  • Asian
  • 1976 (Age: 47 years old)
  • Tim Chi - Lecture - WeddingWire
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Timothy Chi is the CEO and founder of WeddingWire. He founded the copmpany after planning his wedding. As a groom, he experienced first hand how difficult it was to execute on the wedding plans. As a technologist, he couldn\'t find an online resource that would help him plan more efficiently. Together with his cofounders, Jeff, Lee, and Sonny, they threw 4 desks into his empty living room in Chevy Chase, Maryland and WeddingWire was born. They set out to utilize their collective experience in technology to build a technology company that would revolutionize the wedding and event industry. Today, WeddingWire is the world\'s largest vertical marketplace serving the wedding industry, connecting millions of engaged couples to wedding professionals. WeddingWire has over 750 employees and currently operates leading wedding planning properties in 14 countries. Previously, Timothy co-founded Blackboard Inc. in 1998. While at Blackboard, Timothy pioneered many of Blackboard\'s product and strategic initiatives, helping the company grow to over 600 employees and a valuation of over $750 Million. Timothy holds a B.S. degree in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and a Master\'s of Science degree in Engineering Management from Tufts University.

Well, I?m just going to lead off with the statement that I want you to leave with today: ?I want my work place to completely suck?, said no one ever.I?d like to engage with a quick exercise. If you guys would humor me for a second. So we all work in various industries and size of companies. For o...(Full transcript available to logged in subscribers.).

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Video 1 of 3 Tim Chi Discusses Importance Of Creating And Maintaining Good Company Culture
  • Tim Chi - Lecture - WeddingWire
  • 10/28/2016
  • Tim Chi
  • 3 min. 16 sec.
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