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Jessica Feinstein Discusses Product Differentiation

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  • Date Added : 10/18/2016
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Jessica Feinstein

  • AVP, L\'Oreal
  • female
  • Caucasian
  • 1981 (Age: 42 years old)
  • Jessica Feinstein - Lecture - L\'Oreal
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Jessica Feinstein is AVP of Marketing for L\'Oreal Jessica Feinstein received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her MBA from Columbia University.

So how do you differentiate yourself in this commodity category? How do you really become, you know, unique and different? You have to connect to your consumers. So what you need is emotional branding, is needed to connect to their consumer. So if you look at this needs scope, which I think was ...(Full transcript available to logged in subscribers.).

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