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Seth Goldman Discusses Values At Honest Tea and Importance of Authenticity

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Seth Goldman

  • Co-founder and CEO, Honest Tea
  • male
  • Caucasian
  • 1965 (Age: 59 years old)
  • Seth Goldman - Interview - Honest Tea
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Seth Goldman is President and CEO (TeaEO) of Honest Tea, the company he founded together with Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management. An entrepreneur at heart, Seth started with lemonade stands and newspaper routes, created an urban service corps and almost pursued a prize-winning biotechnology idea before he started Honest Tea in his kitchen in 1998.

Before launching Honest Tea, Seth was Vice President of Calvert Social Investment Fund, managing the marketing and sales efforts for the nation's largest family of socially responsible mutual funds. His previous work includes managing a corporate child labor initiative for the Calvert Foundation, directing an AmeriCorps demonstration project in Baltimore and serving as Senator Lloyd Bentsen's Deputy Press Secretary for two and a half years. Before that he worked for a year in China (1987-1988) and a year and a half in the former Soviet Union (1989-1990).

Seth Goldman received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College and a Master's degree from the Yale School of Management.