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You Can't Do Good Unless You're Doing Well

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<p>Bena Burda is the founder and owner of Clean Clothes, Inc. and Maggie's Organics, a company that makes cotton and wool socks, men's and women's clothes, and baby apparel, all from organic fibers. </p> <p>Burda's organic career began with Eden Foods in 1978. As the company's sales manager, she helped introduce the first certified organic soymilk in the United States. Later, when she was sales manager for Bearito's Brand Organic Tortilla Chips, and the company began rotating organic cotton with its corn crops, Burda began experimenting with the cotton. In 1992 she and financial partner Jennifer Mueller co-founded Maggie's Organics, and in 1997 Burda bought out the company from Mueller to create Maggie's Organics/Clean Clothes.</p> <p>Bena Burda has a background in organic agriculture, and received the 2003 Organic Leadership award from the Organic Trade Association.</p>

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