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Tiffany Norwood Discusses Salary Negotiation

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<p>Tiffany Norwood, co-founder of Next Generation Broadband (NGB), is the Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations. Norwood manages all commercial activities for NGB, including sales, marketing, product development, customer management, strategic partnerships, as well as, corporate strategy. </p> <p>Prior to NGB, Norwood was the Director of European Operations for Road Runner International, as well as a general manager for the international team. Before Road Runner, Norwood was in charge of International Business Development for WorldSpace, a satellite radio company that launched XM Radio. Norwood was one of the original employees of WorldSpace. She was responsible for all global deals including those with CNN International and Bloomberg. </p> <p>Norwood has also worked in the investment banking industry, including leading players such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Citicorp. She has spent many years in the internet and telecommunications industry. Her experience spans several countries, including England, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa and the Netherlands.</p> <p>Tiffany Norwood received a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University. She also earned a bachelor's in Economics with a concentration in statistics and electrical engineering from Cornell University.</p>

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