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Creative Job Search Strategies

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<p>Scott Belsky is the founder and editor of Behance. The Behance team helps creative professionals and organizations make ideas happen through a process called "productive creativity". <a target='_new' href=http://www.behance.com/What_Is_Behance>Click here to learn more about Behance.</a> </p> <p>Previously, Belsky worked at Goldman Sachs as part of the Pine Street Development Initiative Group - a small global team focused on leadership development, organizational improvement, and strengthening key client relationships. Prior to this role, Scott worked for two years in European Research Sales in the Equities Division at Goldman Sachs. </p> <p>Before joining Goldman Sachs, Scott was Co-Founder and President of Live Big Enterprises, a sportswear and corporate clothing company. Live Big was featured in Newsweek and Business Week Online in 2001, and was sold in the summer of 2002. </p> <p><a target='_new' href=http://www.behance.com/Philosophy/Behance_Team/Scott_Belsky>Scott Belsky</a> is a graduate of Cornell University. </p>

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