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<p>Steven Belkin is founder and chairman of Trans National Group (TNG), a privately held company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Belkin pioneered the concept of using direct mail marketing to provide products and services to the Affinity Group marketplace and TNG is currently the world leader in Affinity Group marketing. </p> <p>In September 2003, Belkin realized a lifelong dream by becoming the largest of several owners of a professional sports enterprise consisting of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team, and the Atlanta Thrashers, an NHL team, as well as leaseholder for the Philips Arena in Atlanta. </p> <p>Belkin was awarded Cornell University's 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. </p> <p>Belkin graduated from Cornell with a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering and from Harvard Business School with a master of business administration. </p>

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