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Jennifer Dulski Discusses Running the Business and

  • Jennifer Dulski - Interview - Google
  • Jennifer Dulski is the President and COO of Change.org Prior to Change.org, Dulski led the product ...
  • I had not raised venture capital. I had raised money for a nonprofit which is similar in some ways ...
  • 10/15/12

Rachel Trimarco Discusses Advantages Of Virtual Co

  • Rachel Trimarco - Interview - Bridal Flo
  • Rachel Trimarco is the Founder & CEO and Bridal Flower Divas. Trimarco planned and designed every...
  • I was not in a position where I needed to ask for loans or borrow money or try to raise money. Bein...
  • 6/22/2009

Andrea Michalek States Raising Capital is a Full T

  • Andrea Michalek - Lecture - 1-800-CTO
  • Andrea is the founder and president of 1-800-CTO, a consulting company that helps growth companie...
  • Raising money is a full time job. I didn't know this. People told me it, I didn't believe them, bu...
  • 4/1/2002