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Paul McManus Discusses Importance of Managing Cash

  • Paul McManus - What Makes A Venture Mana
  • Paul E. McManus is the Director of Portfolio Company Executive Resources at Millennia Partners. P...
  • Managing cash flow. At this stage of the game, how much are you spending on your trials? Twenty-fi...
  • 12/7/2005

Hans Severiens Shares Thoughts on Cash Flow

  • Hans Severiens - Interview - Band of Ang
  • Johannes C. "Hans" Severiens earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Harvard College and a Ph....
  • I think you have got to have a runway of at least six months operations, at least, and nine is bette...
  • 3/1/2003

Rachelle Cracchiolo Discusses Common Sense Approac

  • Rachelle Cracchiolo & Mary Dupuy Smith
  • Teacher Created Materials is an educational publishing company that was founded in 1982 by Mary Dupu...
  • One time we were at a teacher conference and I was sitting next to a man with an MBA from Harvard. ...
  • 4/1/1998

Leonard Bisk States Maintaining a Positive Cash Fl

  • Leonard Bisk - Interview - Entrepreneuri
  • Leonard Bisk is an entrepreneur who has started six successful companies, sold three, and taken o...
  • Major sources of stress are primarily money. Are you going to have enough cash flow to pay the bill...
  • 9/1/1996