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Annemarie Segaric Shares Thoughts on How To Better

  • Annemarie Segaric - Interview - Finding
  • Annemarie Segaric is the Founder of The Career Changer Company and author of Step into the Right ...
  • You want to see how you can better sell your resume. I mean, take a look at what jobs you are apply...
  • 12/16/2008

Audrey Prashker States Economics Is A Great Backgr

  • Audrey Prashker - Interview - Verizon
  • Audrey Prashker is General Counsel at Verizon Communications. Previously, Prashker as an...
  • I think it is a fabulous background for a lawyer, if you want to be a business lawyer. If you want ...
  • 12/8/2008

Angela Sorrell Shares Resume Advice For College St

  • Angela Sorrell - Interview - Ernst & You
  • Angela Sorrell is an Assistant Director with Ernst & Young and heads up recruiting for the firm's...
  • In terms of looking in a resume, first rule of thumb is that it should be a page. There's no need f...
  • 11/16/2007