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Steve Shapiro Discusses Angels And VCs

  • Steve Shapiro - Interview - Academic Mer
  • Steve Shapiro is the CEO of Academic Merit. Prior to this role, Steve had launched four different s...
  • So I'm a little biased because I am an angel and I deal with a lot of VCs. But, you know, in the an...
  • 4/16/2016

Bryan Pearce Shares Thoughts on Early Stage Fundin

  • Invention to Venture - June 2005 - Sessi
  • Bryan Pearce is a partner in the technology and life sciences practice of the firm, based in Bost...
  • So the question - I'll just repeat it in case you didn't hear it, is basically as the statistics wou...
  • 6/2/2005

Mark Brandt Discusses Angel Investors

  • Mark Brandt - Interview - Notiva (Early
  • Mark Brandt is a Partner and Founder of The Maple Fund which invests in emerging technology - spe...
  • I would recommend finding an angel investor early on. Find someone that believes in you. Don't nec...
  • 12/1/2001