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Sumit Mittal States He Is Not A Huge Believer In B

  • Sumit Mittal - Interview - SkillsBazaar
  • Sumit Mittal is Founder, CEO and CMO of SkillsBazaar. SkillsBazaar provides a platform for studen...
  • I'm not a big fan of business plans. I believe in doing things rather than you know... business pla...
  • 12/6/2007

Sandeep Kumar States He Will Create A Business Pla

  • Sandeep Kumar - Interview - EarthShell a
  • Sandeep Kumar was one of the original employees at EarthShell. EarthShell developed patents for ...
  • So why have I essentially been incorporated as a company for three months now and I still don't have...
  • 5/18/2005