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Laura Colosi States Thinkblocks Teaches Systems Th

  • Laura Colosi - Interview - ThinkWorks
  • Laura Colosi is Chief Operating Officer for ThinkWorks. Additionally, she is an Extension Associ...
  • So I'm talking Jeanna into bed, this same child that I was doing this with. I think it was the next...
  • 12/14/2007

Rachel Doyle States Importance of Fine Tuning Your

  • Rachel Doyle - Lecture - GlamourGals
  • Rachel Doyle is the President and Founder of GlamourGals Foundation, Inc. GlamourGals is a nonprof...
  • So do I really know my pitch? So last week, this is kind of like pinch me moments. I was at a lunch...
  • 9/26/2005

Amy Millman States Importance of Being Concise

  • Amy Millman - Interview - Springboard En
  • Amy Millman has established a successful 25-year career working for and with business and governm...
  • But if you can't boil down your business in 10 minutes, you'll never attract anybody. I mean I've s...
  • 5/1/2003

Hans Severiens Provides Overview of Band of Angels

  • Hans Severiens - Lecture to AEM 325 - To
  • Johannes C. "Hans" Severiens earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Harvard College and a Ph....
  • We've happily gotten kind of a brand image, Band the Angels- trademarked the name one of the things ...
  • 3/1/2003