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Doug Newhouse Shares Definition of EBITDA

  • Doug Newhouse - Interview - Sterling Inv
  • Doug Newhouse, co-founded Sterling in 1991 and is a managing partner of the fund. Mr. Newhouse w...
  • EBITDA? Right. If you had - that's exactly right. If you had a lemonade stand and you sell lemonad...
  • 3/28/2005

Cheryl Francis Discusses Options For Measuring Pro

  • Cheryl Francis - Lecture - Corporate Str
  • Cheryl Francis has been the Vice Chairman of the Corporate Leadership Center since 2002 and an in...
  • I'm at A, I want to get to B. I have defined B now. And it is all that value I am going to generat...
  • 3/8/2005

Rachelle Cracchiolo States Being Organized Helped

  • Rachelle Cracchiolo - Interview - Teache
  • Teacher Created Materials is an educational publishing company that was founded in 1982 by Mary Dupu...
  • ...me and asked us what our EBITDA was we wouldn't have known what that word means. But could we tell ...
  • 09-03-00