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John Callister Shares Thoughts on Developing An Ex

  • Academic Scientists as Entrepreneurs - P
  • John Callister joined the Cornell faculty in 1999. He holds a joint academic position as lecturer...
  • I would really agree with venture capital not being - it really shouldn't be the focus of your busin...
  • 11/7/2004

Dave Pelletier Discusses Running a Family Business

  • Dave Pelletier - Lecture to AEM 325 - To
  • Dave was a Principal at R.E. Pinard & Co., Inc., which focused on Management Consulting and sell-...
  • As I said, we had built it up, it was going well but I have to say and as wonderful as my family was...
  • 2/1/2002

John Alexander Discusses Importance of Having an E

  • John Alexander - Lecture - CBORD Group
  • John Alexander is president and founder of The CBORD Group, Inc., a company inspired by his foodserv...
  • One of the keys, I think, if you're thinking about being entrepreneurial, if you take somebody's mon...
  • 01-01-00