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Yaniv Grinstein

Professor, Cornell University
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Yaniv Grinstein is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Cornell University's Johnson School.

Grinstein's research and teaching interests are in corporate finance and corporate governance. He has recently completed a stint at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Visiting Academic Scholar, where he continued his research efforts in these areas. His current projects involve an analysis of the effect of the new governance rules in the U.S. on corporate value, an examination of executive compensation in U.S. corporations, and a look at the role of corporate boards in monitoring firms.

Grinstein has published in several journals, including the Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Financial Economics. His research has been widely cited in major newspapers such as The Economist, Financial Times, Newsweek, New York Times, LA Times, Forbes magazine, Times magazine, Washington Post, as well as in Congress hearings on the new governance rules.

Yaniv Grinstein holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon.

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