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Peter Coors Photo

Peter Coors

Chairman, Coors Brewing Company
1946 (Age: 69 years old)

Peter H. Coors is chairman of Coors Brewing Company and vice chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company.

Pete's professional career in the brewing business follows a Coors tradition that has spanned more than 130 years and five generations of Coors family members. He has served in a number of positions at the company. In 1993, Pete was named vice chairman and chief executive officer of Coors Brewing Company. In 2000, he was named Chairman, Coors Brewing Company, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Adolph Coors Company. In 2002, he was named Chairman of Adolph Coors Company and Coors Brewing Company.

Pete graduated from the Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, N.H., in 1965, attended Cornell University where he received his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering in 1969, and earned a master's degree in business administration from the University of Denver in 1970.

Peter H. Coors is the great-grandson of Adolph Coors, who founded the Golden brewery in 1873.

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