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Jim Prevor

Founder, Perishable Pundit
1961 (Age: 54 years old)

Jim Prevor is the Founder and Editor of the Perishable Pundit which has quickly become the industry's most important forum for the discussion and analysis of issues relevant to the fresh foods industry including the trade's primary forum for discussing food safety and sustainability issues.

Jim Prevor is widely recognized as a leader in understanding and assessing the state of the perishable food industries and analyzing the prospects for the retail and foodservice venues in which perishable foods are sold. His comments and insights on issues such as food safety, sustainability and the competitive dynamics in the food retailing industry have been seen and heard on CNN, the Fox Business Channel, the BBC, National Public Radio and many network affiliates as well as over 100 newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The founder and editor-in-chief of both PRODUCE BUSINESS and DELI BUSINESS magazines, Prevor also spearheads substantial trade and consumer research projects focusing on consumer attitudes toward various shopping venues. These research initiatives include the world's largest comparison of perishable food prices between Wal-Mart and competing shopping venues and a project comparing and contrasting consumer attitudes on sustainability in the UK and North America.

Prevor is also the founder of Perishable Solutions, a consultancy specializing in bringing strategic thinking to the fast-moving business of perishables. He travels the world visiting retail, foodservice, wholesale and production organizations and has given keynote addresses, workshops and seminars on every continent save Antarctica.

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