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David Eson

Founder, Isidore Foods, LLC
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David Eson is the founder and owner of Isidore Foods. He has been assisting farming families with distribution and market development since 1997. He has worked for the extension service and various non-governmental organizations and now operates his own business, Isidore Foods LLC.

Isidore Foods began in 2006 as an internet business to provide marketing and selling local farm products. In its first year, Isidore Foods provided community supported agriculture marketing services to three farms and local food delivery services for 200 customers. Each farm produced fruits and vegetables. The principal focus was a pilot project with the University of Pittsburgh. The pilot served 150 customers.

In 2008, Isidore Foods partnered with a local distributor to handle the purchasing, packaging and delivery of orders and established buying relationships with 40 farms and businesses. These farms and businesses produce fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, milk, cheese, butter and various pantry items. Isidore currently serves 500 customers.

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