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Tony Eisenhut

Posted on: February 10th, 2015 by Prendismo Collection

Tony co-founded KensaGroup and has served as the Managing Director since inception. Tony is currently performing his required Entrepreneur Sabbatical Immersion Leave (‘ESIL’). This leave is a unique component of KensaGroup’s guiding principles. The ESIL requires each team member to take an active management role and assume operating responsibilities in a startup once every five years. As the KensaGroup partner currently on ESIL, Tony is serving as President of Rheonix, Inc, a developer and manufacturer of microfluidic systems for the molecular diagnostics industry.

Tony has launched twelve university-based start-ups since KensaGroup’s inception. Previously, he served as the CEO of a mid-market manufacturing company as well as Vice President of a multi-billion dollar international retailer. Tony sits on the boards of NovaSterilis Inc, MedHesives Inc, Prendismo, LLC, Novomer Inc., and Rheonix Inc. Tony has served as an advisor to NextGen in conjunction with New York’s Task Force on Economic Development and Emerging Industries, and a board member to the Center for Life Science Enterprise (New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research Center for Advanced Technology at Cornell) and serves on the Board of Directors of Cayuga Medical Center.

Tony earned his B.S. degree from Cornell University.

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