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Category-Specific Search Tips

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Prendismo Collection

Each search result type will only return results specific to that category. Below is a list of what is specifically searched for each result-type.

Videos  Searches video titles and transcripts
People  Searches people’s names and bios
Organizations  Searches company names and locations (city and state)
Topics  Searches topic names
Playlists  Searches playlist names and descriptions
Cases  Searches case titles and speaker bios
Podcasts  Searches podcast names and transcripts

General Search Tips

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Prendismo Collection

By default, our search functionality matches each full word you enter (looking for any of them, even individually).

example: new york will match new york, new, or york

Adding quotes around your search will make it look for results that contain all words within the quotes.

example: “new york” will only match occurrences of both words, new york, appearing together

Due to the full-word matching, a search for pepsi, for example, will not return results for pepsico; adding an asterisk (*) to the end of any search term will make it a wild card search and match anything that starts with the search term.

example: pepsi* will match pepsi and pepsico (NOTE: you may only use an asterisk at the end of a word, if you start your search query with one it will cause an error)

How do I search the Prendismo Collection?

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Prendismo Collection

Search is available from the top of every page by clicking the magnifying glass in the top navigation. By default, search returns results for videos. On the search results page, you will be presented with another navigation bar to choose the search result type you want to look at (Videos, People, Organizations, Topics, Cases, Playlists or Podcasts); if there are no results for a particular result type, you will not be able to click/choose that type. Search tips for each search result type are below.