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Sound Advice

“The Best of” – 5-15 min. podcasts that give you pointed insight from multiple experts and are organized by topic for easy search. Sound Advice is your personal business coach sitting by your side on your commute or any other time you need the power of the voice.

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Lessons Learned

“The Professor is in” – 10-20 min. podcasts that peel back the onion and get to the heart of the issue in a format that is edutaining. Lessons Learned share the insight of many in the context of a case study. Real people talking about real problems faced and real opportunities captured. This is a great tool to exercise your mind.

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eClips unCut

“The Journey” – 20+ min. podcasts that let you wrap your mind and heart around the experiences of those business people and entrepreneurs who captivate you and motivate you. The emotions of the highs and lows are captured in a way that not only shares the experience but moves the soul. You won’t help but find a nugget of truth you will write down and carry with you on your personal journey.

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CEN onDemand

These podcasts are recorded at the events sponsored by the Cornell Entrepreneur Network. CEN is the university’s alumni business network. CEN produces top-shelf events on both coasts that feature world-class alumni speakers and unique opportunities to meet potential business contacts.

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10 Good Minutes

10 Good Minutes is a new series of 10-minute podcasts designed to highlight career realities and opportunities in today’s tough economy. Experts provide wisdom and strategies to help young professionals succeed. We strive to inform and educate our listeners on issues relating to career management.

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